Capta Hydro telemetry and automation solutions allow irrigation districts to have complete visibility and control of their water within their distribution canals


Reduce losses in water distribution

By having access to real-time knowledge of the channel's flows, deliveries can be made with greater precision and minimized losses.

Build trust among


Transparency in data and measurement points allow for delivery in an accurate way of the required flows without creating mistrust among irrigators.

Identify priority sections

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Each of the devices is equipped with alarms, sensors and security systems that will prevent major interventions on the equipment.


Administration and Monitoring Software

Flow control software, which connects the equipment developed by Capta Hydro and other previously installed sensors.

Capta CFT

Canal Flow Telemetry

Telemetry equipment with anti-theft features and installation without additional civil wells that delivers high precision and frequency data.

Capta CFC

Canal Flow Control

Automation system for pre-existing gates, with anti-theft design and synchronized telemetry equipment.