Sin embargo...


Lamentablemente hasta ahora la implementación de soluciones de telemetría ha sido limitada a pocas organizaciones de usuarios, y en éstos generalmente a sólo unos pocos puntos de medición, limitando el valor creado y el retorno sobre la inversión de estos proyectos.


Las razones que hemos identificado son:


Canal Flow Control


The implementation for the automatization of canal gates has similar challenges to that of telemetry of water flow, therefore it has also been limited to few irrigation networks, and of these few, just a handfull of them have total control in the network, this way limiting the value created and the return on investment. 


For this reasons, Capta Hydro we have developed an automatization solution:

With the integration of Capta CFC automatic gates and  AMARU software, it is possible to determine the flows that are delivered accurately and automatically.

Anti-theft design

Design characteristics equivalent to a safe box, installation witth expansion screws and enabled with anti theft alerts and resistance against damaging threats.

Remote and quick regulation of gates

Lower cost compared to alternatives

AMARU Software 

If the work is in good condition, only the driving bolt is changed. Taking advantage of the existing allows to significantly reduce costs and install the automation equipment in less than 1 day.


Soon we will have the option of replacing the existing gates with new gates specially designed for the Capta Hydro automation.

Optional:  reuse existing gates or replace with new ones

With just a click the mobile or web app, users can control gate operation without lengthy personnel travel times, greatly improving reaction times against emergecies.

Allows a greater level of automation in the irrigation canal network with less investment and time.

Automation systems designed for todays agriculture reality.

Lower cost compared to alternatives

Allows a greater level of automation in the irrigation canal network with less investment and time.

Automation system for pre-existing gates

The automation of channel gates also has the potential to be a fundamental tool to improve time and financial efficiency in operation of said channels, either for irrigation or hydroelectric generation.


For example, in networks of irrigation channels, an increase in the number of automated gates translates into reductions in operational costs and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in water delivery. Integrating CFC into the irrigation channels allows freeing up time of the operating personnel and ensures that they are always at the desired opening level.


For hydroelectric plants, it improves security by being able to face emergencies - such as floods - instantly.


Reduce operational costs

Gate automatization reduces man-hours required of operations personnel, allowing them to work in other areas, making the whole process more efficient.

Avoid manipulation of floodgates

Alarms, sensors and security systems ensure that its impossible to operate the gates without the permission of the operators.

Quick response to emergencies

Remote action of the gate allows for better response times to unwanted events, such as natural system interruptions or other emergencies.

More precise water delivery

CFC technology in particular when paired with telemetry systems reduces water losses and advises personnel of critical information and alerts.


Our commitment is to the operational continuity of our equipment and consistently delivering timely and efficient service.

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