Capta Hydro offers equipment to monitor and control the channels and pipes of Hydroelectric power plants, integrating it all into a single management software.


Improve efficiency of energy generation

Detailed, consistent and easily accessible measurement allows for control of the plant's performance and keeps power generation under control.

Compliance with


Measurement of the ecological flow online that allows clients to receive clear and illustrated (graphs) information on demand, especially useful when required by auditors.

Detection and fast-acting solutions in  case emergencies

The constant monitoring of flows will bring attention to potential risks, issues and emergencies in real time, minimizing losses and damages.

Capta CFT

Canal Flow Telemetry

Telemetry equipment with anti-theft features and installation without additional civil wells that delivers high precision and frequency data.


Administración and Monitoring Software

Flow control software, which connects the equipment developed by Capta Hydro and other previously installed sensors.

Capta PFT

Pipe Flow Telemetry

Turbine flow telemetry equipment that delivers high precision data at competitive cost.

Capta CFC

Canal Flow Control

Automation system for pre-existing gates, with anti-theft design and synchronized telemetry equipment.