River Management


Capta Hydro’s solutions allow the client to monitor visually and control intakes of the river or estuary, working towards integral management of basins.


Objective and transparent information of river flow, strengthening trust between irrigators and other consumer of water.

Compliance with


The digital system of the equipment allows the client to monitor a network of information along the river to determine the flow in each of the intakes.

Detection and quick action in case

of emergencies

Constant monitorization will detect problems in real-time, minimizing losses and errors.

Flawless water distribution


Administration and Monitoring Software

Flow control software, which connects the equipment developed by Capta Hydro and other previously installed sensors.

Capta CFT

Canal Flow Telemetry

Telemetry equipment with anti-theft features and installation without additional civil wells that delivers high precision and frequency data.

Capta CFC

Canal Flow Control

Automation system for pre-existing gates, with anti-theft design and synchronized telemetry equipment.