Final water users

Capta Hydro's flow measurement and control solutions are focused on improving the availability and efficiency of water use for irrigation or other uses, allowing the management of flows in channels, wells and reservoirs.


Wine Companies


Capta Hydro solutions are focused on generating valuable information to make better decisions in relation to the measurement and control of flow rates for irrigation canals, wells and dams, as well as allowing farmers to verify that they have the flow corresponding to their water rights. water, helping to optimize the analysis and decision of the supply complement through wells and / or tanks.

Drinking Water

Drinking water companies may have better information of the flows received, either from the channel or well to the plant, as well as automate gates or valves.

The progressive increase of droughts has generated the need to more accurately manage the water supply. Incorporating Capta Hydro solutions will allow farmers, agricultural entrepreneurs and sanitary facilities plants to significantly improve the management of water resources.

Canal Flow Telemetry

Telemetry equipment with anti-theft design and installation without calm well that delivers high precision and frequency data.

Capta CFT

Software de Administración de Aguas

Flow control software, which connects the equipment developed by Capta Hydro and other previously installed sensors.


Pipe Flow Telemetry

Turbine flow telemetry equipment that delivers high precision data at competitive cost.

Capta PFT

Level & Flow Telemetry

Created to monitor the behavior of groundwater extraction systems.

Capta LFT