Capta hydro was founded in Santiago, Chile in 2015 with the goal of developing innovative solutions that help solve important environmental problems, from Chile to the world.

Begginings: Hydrokinetic turbine for artificial canals, without falls. 

Our first development was a hydrokinetic turbine designed to operate in artificial canals, without falls. The' goal is to be the best technology to capture this un-tapped resource and provide clean distributed renewable energy to the agricultural industry. 

Now: remote monitoring and control solutions for smart water management

As a consequence of being in constant contact with irrigation canal administrators in Chile, we learned that their first and foremost priority was the need to improve the efficiency of their water delivery systems. After researching the market and problem, we decided to focus on developing telemetry and gate automation solutions designed specifically for the developing world.


Learn about our hydrokinetic turbine developments, Capta SC and Capta RD, specifically designed for artificial canals without falls

However, we also learned that the current solutions in many cases were not delivering the expected benefits, either due to design, quality or cost problems...

This situation had limited their implementation in Chile and in other developing countries, even though close to 50% of the water worldwide for human use is distributed through irrigation channels and these generally have high levels of inefficiency, with losses of water of 50% or more.

At Capta Hydro we have focused on developing innovative water monitoring and control solutions that are aligned with the realities of developing countries

Solutions with social and environmental impact

Water distribution inefficiency is a global and urgent problem in agriculture. Climate change, which means increased water scarcity, make it imperative that this problem is solved if we are to meet Increasing global food demand and take care for the environment at the same time.

Also, the economic development of small farmers in developing countries depends in great measure on irrigation canals, thus increasing water security for them can have an important social impact. 



Emilio de la Jara H.


Tomás Dussaillant V.

R&D Software Engineer

Javier Carilao

Mechanical Technician

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Gastón Dussaillant V.


Rodrigo Echeverría

VP Production

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Benjamín Lagos

R&D Mechanical Engineer

Felipe Tejada

R&D Electrical Engineer

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Jose Ignacio Escobar

Director Independiente

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Richard LeBoeuf

Engineering Advisor

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Lynch Norte 886, La Reina, Santiago, Chile.